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‘FOCKS ‘ new Melbourne Central Art Loop Comission

Hannah Raisin, Flock, 2017
Hannah Raisin, Flock, 2017 is showing on Portal 3.

Glittering silver and blue spandex intersect the cabaret feathers and stiff white leather of a lone, cow-human-glam-god. The green palate of a nourishing wet season brushes over the wandering figure as red dirt clings to her feet. Vulnerable to their physical size, power and mass she runs toward them. The lumbering bulls, heavy, fat and bred to breed – they know her smell and they run.

Is the common fable ‘A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ just another cautionary tale or a threat to the sensibility of trust? Maybe it is a solemn warning of instinctive nature, that our fangs and desires can always betray us. Much like the subject the wolf may be just another searching soul, cross-dressing in a bedazzled attempt to join the flock.

Art Loop is curated by Andy Dinan of MARS Gallery.
Featured Portal Artists: Christopher Adam Berogna, Hannah Raisin, Natasha Manners, Patrick Kelly, Simon Finn
Featured Video Screen Artists: Annie Edney, Arie Rain Glorie, Bonnie Lane, Catherine Ryan, Denby Smith, Devika Bilimoria, Fiona Shewan, Jacobus Capone, Katie Chancellor Wigg, Krystal Schultheiss, Marsha Berry, Melody Rose Greatorex, Peter & Molly, Steven Rhall, Tristan Jalleh, Youjia Lu

Check out all the great Melbourne Art Loop works now at Melbourne Central now – more info here

Melbourne Central Art Loop

SOAK_MOUTHIII am delighted to be part of the Melbourne Central Art Loop curated by MARS Gallery director Andy Dinan.


Mari Adams | James Base | Kieran Boland | Emily Yuting Chen | Erin Coates | Martine Corompt | Martha Ackroyd Curtis | Jesse Delmo | Annie Edney | Simon Finn | Robert Hague | Ian Haig | Stephen Haley | Tristan Jalleh | Megan Keating | Patrick Kelly | Cameron May | Natasha Manners | Donna McRae | John Power and Joanne Mott | Simon Pericich |Hannah Raisin | Diego Ramirez | Nina Ross | Sarah Rudledge | Jane Safarian |Rachel Schenberg | Sonia Sierra | Debbie Symons | Luhsun Tan | Brie Trenerry | Adele Varcoe & Robin Hely | Stanton Cornish Ward | Tazkia Welong | Anne Scott Wilson | Shaun Wilson

Melbourne Central Art Loop 
31 March to 31 July, 2016
Lower Ground, Melbourne Central (enter via Lonsdale Street)

Here’s a link to a little write up by Dylan Rainforth in The Age newspaper last week.

‘Bark and Bristle’ Will Heathcote and Hannah Raisin

 bark and bristle invite back Final small for check

As part of our Mobile Arts Residency Will Heathcote and I are delighted to be presenting an exhibition of new works we have been developing on the road. Please join us for an opening celebration at Watch This SPACE gallery this Friday 21st March 2014. The exhibition runs from the 21st of March until the 12th of April.

This exhibition coincides with a Studio Residency at Watch this Space

Hannah Raisin, Nectar, video still 2014 tracing performance feet 3trancing performance 2Tracing, working in Landscape, Alice Springs, 2014

working alice 3Will Heathcote_Hannah Raisin_Bark and Bristle #3Bark and Bristle, Install Shot, Hannah Raisin and Will Heathcote, 2014Will Heathcote_Hannah Raisin_Bark and Bristle #5

This project has been assisted by the Australian government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body