The Age, November 2010


Seventh Skin Catalogue
Exhibition Catalogue Hatch Contemporary Art Space, Claire Watson, Ashley Crawford

Subjectify Me (PREVIEW)
by Jane Llewelyn, Art Guide, December 2013

Fling ups and Girly Bits: Feminist art and the labiaplasty “epidemic”
by Helen McDonald, n.paradoxa volume 34, July 2014

Flowing locks and Monster Bodies: Hannah Raisin and Atlanta Ekes’ affective feminist performance
by Laura Castagnini, Artlink vol 33 # 3, 2013

BACKFLIP: Feminism and Humour in Contemporary Art Catalogue
Authors: Jo Anna Isaak, Laura Castagnini, Vikki McInnes. Margaret Lawrence Gallery, 2013

Going Nowhere Catalogue
by Simone Hine and Kyle Weise, Boxcopy exhibition, March 2013

Memory Screens Catalogue
by Laura Castagnini -CHANNELS: The Australian Video Art Festival, 2013

Video art now through the lens of then
Review by Urszula Dawkins, RealTime, issue #117, Oct-Nov 2013

Pretty White Girl Teams up with Handsome Rabbit
by Jo Latham for Zouch Magazine – 2012

Separation Anxiety Catalogue
by Claire Anna Watson, Blindside Curtain Call, 2011

Bus Projects Body Language (Getting Lost in Translation)
Review by Helen Berkemeier, DAS500, April 2011

ed. Ashley Crawford – ACP Photofile 88 – June 2011

Ways of Doing. T&A the F-ing Gaze
by Talia Linz, Runway Issue 16 2010,

Short Play Volume 00:01, ‘Play’ Review
by Kate Mosh – Three Thousand – Nov 2010

Humour and ‘play’ in contemporary feminist performance
by Laura Castagnini, Short Play Vol 1, ed. Rachel Feery, 2010

Short Play (image)
by Penny Modra – The Age – Nov 2010

next wave 2010- risk: the limits of laughter & intimacy
Review by Varia Karipoff –  realtime 98 p. 39 – Aug/Sept 2010

Raisin + Wells Catalogue (PDF)
by Simon Greg , July 2009