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April 24, 2013 | BACKFLIP: Feminism and Humour in Contemporary Art


I am thrilled to invite you to the opening of Backflip: Feminism and Humor in Contemporary Art a group exhibition I am part of at Margaret Lawrence Gallery, 40 Dodds Street, Southbank, opening this Friday 26th April 6-8pm. I would love to see you at the opening celebration otherwise the show runs 27th April until the 25th May with gallery hours are Tues- Sat 12-5pm.

As part of the exhibition I am also part of a panel called Acting Out with Linda Sproul and Nat & Ali happening Thursday 2nd May 6-8pm, if you are interested.

Exhibition details:

Curators: Vikki McInnes and Laura Castagnini

Featuring work by Australian and international artists, BACKFLIP: Feminism and Humour in Contemporary Art seeks to challenge the ongoing stereotype of feminism as dry, dull and humourless.

The exhibition affirms laughter as an important and potent tool for feminist artists across generations, geographies and political contexts. Humour has a unique ability to simultaneously disrupt and entertain, and lends itself readily to one of the overarching goals that unites the many feminisms; namely, to critique and destabilize patriarchy. Following on from last year’s lecture by the Guerrilla Girls, BACKFLIP will present a range of strategies and approaches from slapstick to satire, detouring through irony and black humour.

Margaret Lawrence Gallery
Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), Melbourne
Opening: Friday 26 April, 6–8pm
Exhibition: 27 April to 25 May 2013